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Between Appointment Maintenance / Exercises

lengthening your neck extensors

Finding your core

Constructive Rest Position

Constructive Rest Position with mindful meditation

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Customer Survey

Customer Survey

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Hello and welcome

Welcome to the On The Table Therapies website.

This is where you will find information about
Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist
Christie Tonks.

If you wish to make an appointment please call or text me on
0459 547 681 or email:

I look forward to meeting you soon,


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Feeling the km’s in your muscles & joints?

Beautiful winter days, clear blue skies, sunshine and wood burning fires.  No wonder everyone comes north and especially to the Tablelands in winter.  But the long hours of driving and sitting in the same position for extended periods of time can create a few problems and often at a time in your life when muscle and joint pain are easily aggravated.  Most of us don’t want to rely on pain killers to get us through the day so finding alternatives can be a real bonus to your health.  Bowen and massage therapy help relieve over tight muscles by increasing circulation and nudging the body’s own very capable self righting mechanisms.  These treatments are an excellent way to help relieve the muscles that tighten up with the stress of driving or any other lifestyle factors that lead to neck, back and hip tension.  Ask at the reception of your caravan park for a $5 first visit discount voucher.

Check here to find out if your caravan park is participating in this offer

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Participating Caravan Parks

Ask at any of the participating caravan parks below for a $5 discount voucher

Atherton Holiday Park 07 40911099

Hallorans Leisure Park 07 40914144

Woodlands Big 4 Atherton 07 40911407

Malanda Falls Caravan Park 07 40965314

Lake Eacham Tourist Park 07 4095 3730

Tinaroo Discovery Holiday Park 07 4095 8232

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Special End of Financial Year Offer

Do You Have Regular Massage or Bowen Treatments?
Then this is an opportunity for you save some money

Pre-pay for 5 treatments of Bowen or Massage before 30th June 2012
and get your 6th treatment at 1/2 price

The first three people to take this offer will receive a free jar of comfrey, arnica & ginger cream


If you are a new customer you get your first consultation at the regular consultation price

Price Detail:

Normal cost for 6 treatments = $378
You pre-pay $315 for 5 treatments and
just $31.50 for yor 6th
Pay for your 6th with the pre-payment or
at the time of treatment
Split the cost – Treatments can be shared
with another person
Normal cost for 6 treatments = $288
You pre-pay $240 for 5 treatments and
just $24 for your 6th
Pay for your 6th with the pre-payment or
at the time of treatment
Split the cost – Treatments can be shared
with another person
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Advanced Bowen Therapy Education Underway

It was great to be able to only have to drive just over an hour to be able to do some CPE.  This weekend I completed my class hours for the 8th module of Bowen therapy.  I learnt a few new procedures and had some revision of special tests to evaluate the pelvis, sacral and knee structure and function.  Reviewing stuff learnt years ago either gives me a sense of ‘phew’ – I’m still doing it correctly or occasionally an ‘Ah Ah’ moment of clarity.  I’m pleased to say that they were all ‘phew’ moments this weekend. Our instructors, Anna & David Winter, are easy going folk who like to bring a sense of humour to their classes, so along with a class full of other friendly and eager students it made for a very pleasant weekend in the humid tropical city of Cairns.

So what did I learn:

Well I learned that I was accurate with my prior knowledge of testing for psoas hypertension, sacro-iliac dysfunction and knee ligament injury.
I am now able to execute the psoas, coccyx oblique, burning heal and knee reflex procedures on my clients, with confidence.
These are advanced procedures to be used after reasoned planning.  My previous CPE over the years with Anatomy Trains instructors James Earls and more recently Thomas Myers, allows me to plan a treatment and decide which Bowen procedures will have the best affect on the structures and fascial connections I wish to influence.

I did feel somewhat limited with the Bowen procedures I knew up until now and still feel a slight frustration when I look at someone’s patterning and wonder how I can influence structures or areas of shortness with Bowen when I am still not armed with all the knowledge that Advanced Bowen will offer me. For this reason I am glad I have other modalities under my belt. But I do believe that as I learn more advanced Bowen procedures I will find it much wider reaching for some of the presenting conditions I see.  I like Bowen therapy because it teaches me patience and makes me put my ego out of the door – it works because I am nudging the body into what it has an innate ablilty to do – self heal.  So now I know of a few more areas to nudge I can hopefully assist in the process a little more than before.

I have wanted to do the series of Anatomy Trains master classes for a few years now but the course dates have always coincided with other things.  So at last I find myself able to do the Pelvic workshop and it was run by the man himself – Mr Thomas Myers.  Read More…

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Christmas Gift Voucher Discount… Hurry Hurry Hurry

For the first two weeks of November only I will be giving a discount of 10% on the price of a gift voucher for a one hour relaxation massage.

Vouchers will be dated from 25th December and valid for 3 months.  Limited to 2 vouchers per person.
Normally valued at $60 if you buy within the next two weeks you pay just $54

Show how much you care with this beautiful gift of true relaxation, big sigh escapism and pure indulgence.  A relaxation massage lasts for a full duration of one hour on the table, essential oils enhance and prolong the therapeutic effect.  During the course of a treatment a person will experience the pressure that is suited to their wants and needs to the back, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, face & scalp.  It really is an hour of complete bliss.

Ring Christie on 0459 547 681 to arrange postage or collection and payment for your voucher.

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Being Vulnerable is essential for happiness

Brene Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.

Watch this video

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