Posted by: Christie Tonks | March 4, 2014

Ortho-Bionomy Phase Four 1st & 2nd March 2014

Hopefully this is going to be a new bow to my arrow in my armory of ways to help people with their musculo-skeletal dysfunction.  But bows, arrows and armories all sound very antagonistic, things to do battle with. Well Ortho-Bionomy is certainly not about doing battle with the clients body.  It is all about working with the body.  Finding which way the body wants to move, tilt, rotate or shift and going with those patterns in an exaggerated way to give the proprioceptive nerve cells the chance to initiate self correction.  Someone once described how Ortho-Bionomy worked to me like this:  ‘if you have a knot in a piece of string you don’t pull it tighter to undo it, you push the string together to encourage some slack so that you  can then untie the knot.  Ortho-Bionomy utilises moves that are akin to encouraging the slack and the proprioceptive cells then signal the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments to correct or come out of dysfunctional patterns, a bit like the fingers & nails dexterously working away to untie the string once some slack has come into play’.

There was a lot to learn on this course and I can see why the society of Ortho-Bionomy state that a person who is in training to be a practitioner of OB must repeat phase four no less than four times.  Many of the moves and release points are precise and need to be honed as does the practitioners sense of awareness of when the client’s tissues recoil or rebound.  Honing I will be doing on my always accommodating other half Paul and close friends until I am confident enough to start bringing this into practice.

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