Posted by: Christie Tonks | May 6, 2013

First Massage Course for Couples & Friends an Outstanding Success

Last week I spent two days teaching massage to couples and close friends to do on each other.  This was the first course that I have taught here in my new clinic so I was a little bit nervous on the lead up to it but as time grew closer I realised that I had prepared well and couldn’t wait to get going.  I really wanted the participants to be able to go away at the end of the two days with confidence that they could do a massage on each other that was going to feel good to both the giver and the receiver.  I wanted to show them how to massage for an hour so that their body could get through it without them wanting to jump on the table at the end and demand an immediate return of the favour.  I wanted the person on the table to be relaxed enough to fall asleep or make the occasional sigh of contentment.  And lo and behold that is what happened.  By the end of the two days each person gave a one hour relaxation massage to their partner and each partner dutifully laid there with only a return to consciousness at the point of “please turn over”.

If you are interested in doing the next course this is what you can expect:

  • Only two couples / close friends per course – giving quality time for questions and re-assurance whilst doing the practical hands on stuff
  • 20 page student course book with information about safety, anatomy & physiology, equipment and photographs of the massage routine
  • Light snacks and refreshments provided throughout the course to keep your energy levels up and prevent de-hydration
  • Techniques shown to hone your palpation skills so that you know what you are feeling for
  • Some basic anatomy and physiology so that you know what you are working on
  • Learn when it is not safe to massage and when to be cautious
  • learn different ways to use your hands, forearms and fingers to perform a massage that will make your partners tension melt but keep you from wilting.
  • Bite sized learning stages for easier learning.  Taught in this order – Back, Legs, Feet, Arms, Neck, Face & Scalp
  • Discover how different oils can feel on the skin and which you would prefer to use
  • Certificate of completion

Please email me to register your interest and be notified when the next course is happening.

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