Posted by: Christie Tonks | March 18, 2013

Emmett Technique 15/16 March 2013

I have been waiting for an opportunity to do this course with Ross Emmett for some time.  Good quality continuing education that I don’t have to get on a plane to do is a rare thing.  So I drove down to Townsville, hoping that cyclone Tim didn’t decide to move west and arrived ready to learn a new technique.

The simplicity of Emmett Technique is what makes it remarkable.  The therapist uses light pressure at set points, which we learned on the course, and waits for a response of some kind from the recipient.  Anyone can learn it –  as in you don’t have to have any prior bodywork experience – but as a therapist of 17 years I am glad that I have my palpation skills honed as some of the responses to say that the body has registered the pressure are subtle to say the least.

I started using the few but effective techniques learned on this course (modules 1 & 2) from my first day back in clinic and wow what a positive response I have had!!  People like it.  It is unintrusive yet brings focus to the area, not only to the persons conscious mind but to the nerve cells within the tissues, which then respond by easing tension and bringing about a more balanced body.

Despite the fact that this was the first two of the six modules required for someone who wants to be recognised by Ross as a Practitioner of this technique I am guessing they are the most commonly used moves.  The focus of the moves are to the lower back, piriformis, rhomboids and neck.  All common areas of muscular skeletal dysfunction and everyday niggles to most of us.

So the next course for me in this lovely technique will be the EmmTech course.  A course designed to bring the most commonly used moves from all the six modules into a one day workshop for anyone who wants to bring ease to peoples’ pain and discomfort.  I’m looking forward to it.

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